An ode to New York City: A place of raw energy, optimism and exuberant characters, the vibrant metropolis where DVF was founded.

Shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, and with art direction by Jonny Lu Studio, the campaign captures the city's beautiful contrasts and contradictions, as well as its unique style and glamour.

The campaign is set to a provacative voice-over written by emerging Brooklyn-based poet Rachel Kang. Kang, who writes about contemporary life and modern love, was commissioned to write a specific poem for the campaign that acts as a metaphor for discovering the city and falling in love.



I make myself
in my own image

as we burst into the noon day 

hearts exploding to ribbons 

skipping into traffic on steam clouds

cars and bicycle bells
people with dogs that smell funny
rich babies and exotic nannies
stack like cards
pigeons roosting in the crevices between elbows and eyes 

throw feathers over the ledge

I would like to be colored in with crayons and kid sounds 

knitted into my park bench
purled around the twenty wisdoms I know
of the curve of my lip

and your index finger

to be stripes twisting
like my arm around your armturning a basic step
into a cascade of chess piecesacross the floor

for what I dare to dream

is the woman I will become

* commissioned and amended from "I would like a day that goes by slowly" previously published in Brooklyn Poets Anthology


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